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Drama Supplements
Stage Directions

Watch this to review directions on stage.

Make a diagram showing the stage to include the terms: downstage left, downstage right, downstage center, upstage left, upstage right, upstage center, center stage, stage left, stage right, audience. Create a computer file and attach to an email to send to me. You may also draw it on a sheet of paper, take a picture, and attach to an email to send to me.

Vocal Exercises

This video can be used to improve vocal strength.

Name and describe each exercise in this video. Name other ways not shown in this video that could strengthen an actor's ability to speak onstage. Email me your answers.


This video gives 10 ways to up your improv skills and maximize this type of acting experience.

Please list and desribe each of the 10 and email to me.

Character Development

This video talks about the idea of character development and its importance.

What is characterization? What can you do to help develop a character? Email me the answers. Research and find another good video or resource about character development and email that as well.

Acting Advice

This video gives tips and insight from famous actors to encourage and inspire.

Pick an actor or actress from this video. Tell me the advice or insight that they give. Research this actor or actress and give some information about one of their most well known or best roles. Email me your answers.

Band Supplements
Music Theory Lessons

There are several exercises here to strengthen theory skills and understanding.


This is an online tuner that should be used with a microphone. If the note turns green, it is in tune. The tuner will show you concert pitches so transposing instruments should see a different letter name than the one you are playing.


This is a basic metronome to use for tempo.

Concert Music

This site should allow you to look up most, if not all, of your concert season music. You can play along or just listen to get an idea of how your part fits with the others.