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Tennessee State Common Core Standards:

The following are state standards that will be used in the CDC mathematics and CDC biology classes.


Math Standards:

Core Math I: Fluency in Mathematics

          5.NBT.B5  Multi-digit multiplication

          6.NS.B.2  Multi-digit division

          6.NS.B.3  Multi-digit decimal operations

          7.EE.B.3  Solve multistep problems with positive and negative rational numbers in any form.

          8.EE.C.7  Solve one variable linear equations, including cases with infinitety many solutions or no solution.

Algegra I:  Solving characteristic problems involving the analytic geometry of lines.

         A-APR.A.1  Fluency in adding, subtracting, and multiplying polynomials.


          C-GPE.B.4,5,7  Fluency with the use of coordinates.


Biology Standards:

Embedded Inquiry:

Conceptual Strand: Understanding about scientific inquiry and the ability to conduct inquiry are essential for living in the 21st century.

          CLE 3210.1  Recognize that science is a progressive endeavor that reevaluates and extends what is already accepted.

          CLE 3210.3  Use appropriate tools and technology to collect precise and accurate data.

          CLE 3210.6  Communicate and defend scientific findings.


Conceptual Strand 1:  All living things are made of cells that perform functions necessary for life.

          CLE 3210.1.4 .Describe the processes of cell growht and reproduction.


Conceptual Strand 2:  All life is interdependent and interacts with the environment.

          CLE 3210.2.2  Analyze and interpret population data, graphs, or diagrams.

          CLE 3210.2.3  Predict how global climate change, human activity, geologic events, and the indtroduction of non-native species impact an ecosystem.


Conceptual Strand 4:  Organisms reproduce and transmit hereditary information.

          CLE 3210.4.4  Compare different modes of inheritance, sex linkage, co-dominance incomplete dominance, multiple alleles and polygenic traits.

Biodiversity and Change:

Conceptual Strand 5:  A rich variety and complexity of organisms have developed in response to changes in environment.

          CLE 3210.5.2  Analyze the relationship between form and function in living things.